Project Description

TOWNHOMES DEVELOPMENT – 400 West 28th Avenue, Vancouver

The development consists of 2-1/2 storey and 3 storey wood frame stacked townhomes which step down from the southwest corner to the northeast corner. The buildings consists of 6 blocks of stacked townhomes. Three blocks of five townhomes each, are facing West 28th Avenue (10 units each). The other townhomes are located at the rear of the site and arranged with a central courtyard that includes outdoor patios for the units.
They include two blocks of four townhomes wide (1 of 8 units and 1 of 6 units ) and one block of three townhomes wide ( 6 units ). The buildings consist of 50 units with 1 level of underground parkade containing parking spaces, accessed off the lane, near the northeast end of the site.